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Who we are

Hallswood Animal Sanctuary was founded in 1996 in Stratton Strawless, since then we have helped and given sanctuary to 1000s of animals and birds. We are on call 24/7 365 days a year.

Hallswood is a wildlife Sanctuary caring for all forms of wildlife; in special cases, we offer care and support to domesticated animals and birds.

We will take domestic animals only in cases where the animal cannot go into rehoming centres. We do not take young, healthy animals that could be rehomed as Hallswood is a Sanctuary, not a rehoming centre. We have a no kill policy and we have a strong belief that all animals are sentient beings and deserve to live a life free from pain, hunger and neglect.

Hallswood Animal Sanctuary is not open to members of the public but welcomes visitors by appointment.

What we need

We are always in need of good quality hay and straw, cat food (tinned and biscuits), good quality wood flakes for bedding and towels.

For a more complete list of what we need please look at our amazon wish list

So many babies….

Babies, babies, babies!
In 2018 we saw an increase in animals and birds coming to us and the pressure on the Sanctuary team was greater than ever.
As much as babies are oh so very cute they take a lot of time and cost a lot of money to get to that magic point of their life where we can bring them back to the wild again.

Please consider helping us in any way you can be that by collecting used stamps, arrange a bake sale or make a cash donation.

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