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So we have finally got some of our bachelor rabbits into the new pads, they look very happy and are loving their new homes.
We have quite a lot of rabbits at the sanctuary currently that are looking for nice forever homes, anyone who would be interested in rehoming a bunny please contact us!

We had a fantastic team of people join us mid-month to help us with woodchipping the sanctuary and they did an amazing job!
Thanks to everyone who came and helped out, there were 2 ladies who had moved 70 wheelbarrows of woodchip and walked 5 miles! Well done guys!

The utility building is still in progress and I can’t wait until we have the extra storage space! Once it’s done we can start the next few projects.

We have already started to have baby birds brought to us, and despite hours of walking around hunting for nesting birds, the mummy ducks are very sneaky and have managed to keep their nest a secret, and just pop out with some tiny babies, they are too cute though!
We have begun to get a fair few baby birds come in to the sanctuary over the last couple of week. I got to feed a little baby blackbird at the shop the other day, after getting the first mouthful in it started opening its mouth for food every time it sees the syringe.

We also had a big fundraiser at Hellesdon high this weekend where we managed to raise £2084 so thank you to all of our wonderful volunteers for making this event happen, and thank you to everyone who turned up despite the rain, all of us from Hallswood are very grateful.
Connie the pig enjoyed herself and meeting everyone and eating lots of her favorite: custard creams!


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