April at the Sanctuary

This month at Hallswood we have officially seen the start of baby season, already Lyz has several birds and a squirrel pup she is hand rearing. Hand rearing wildlife is a very difficult thing to do, especially in a way that does not imprint on the animal and make it unable to release back into the wild. This can be extremely difficult but Lyz has had many years of experience doing this, and our horse-fields are an ideal place for soft release.
We are creating a wildlife area at our horse fields and a hide for photography, which will give people a chance to get some great photos of many species of birds that live around the fields.
We also had a big fundraiser at Hellesdon high school where we raised £1670 which is fantastic! Barley the sheep and some young bunnies were there to great everyone, and i got to cuddle them for about 3 hours so all in all it was a good day! This money will go towards getting electricity to the sanctuary, which will make a massive difference to the way we can run things, so we are very excited for this!
The new building at the sanctuary is coming along well, and the first room is nearly complete; the dog room and run should be done soon.

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