Confessions of a Charity Shop Mannequin

I honestly do not know how I ended up here.
In a charity shop! I mean look at me! I am a super model!
I remember my days in that posh little boutique in London. All those sparkly dresses… Oh… And my long shiny wigs, one in every colour made from real hair. Watching little girls looking at me through the window with biiiiiig eyes telling their mummies “I hope I will be that beautiful when I grow up” whilst the mummies quietly wished the same for themselves – or at least that’s what I think they said. Most of them never actually entered the shop which is probably how I ended up here… “Too expensive!” I overheard them say through the thick glass and one day the owner simply did not show up.

So here I am, in a charity shop in Mile Cross. Gone are the shiny wigs and expensive dresses. Mind you, they do treat me well most of the times. And they do have some amazing clothes but don’t tell them I said that.
That crazy lady who does the window displays does usually ask for my opinion – “What do you think Veronica” she says. Not that she always listens. Sometimes I think she just pretends that she can’t hear me.
Like that time she wrapped me in bed linen. Bedlinen! She wouldn’t treat Kate Moss like that would she? The week after she was amaaaaazed over how much bedlinen had sold, well of course dear! It is my job and besides, I can make just about anything look good but don’t push it! Oh and all those times she forgets to put a wig on me…. Embarrassing!

Anyway, next week I am crossing my fingers for a beautiful little dress so that I can show off my legs. I am sure that it is a crime to hide them up if I may say so myself! Ok, crossing my fingers might be a bit hard but I am wishing for it.

Oh well, I will talk more in a few weeks. I thought I’d let you guys know what REALLY happens in a charity shop but for now I need my beauty sleep. I do love some gossip ?


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