Don’t break yourself

One of the many amazing things working for Hallswood bring is the network of inspirational volunteers.
They come in all ages, from near and far.
Some helps all the time, others as often as they can but what they all have in common is kindness and a willingness to act for change. Mahatma Gandhi said “Be the change you want to see in the world” and this is what I feel our volunteers do.
They realise that as much as they might not be able to do everything, they can indeed do something and just like with the pennies in our “penny count” it all adds up!

However, there can sometimes be a danger with being surrounded by positive people full of ideas and an almost endless amount of energy. Sounds crazy, don’t it, but I have seen it so many times. This is extra common amongst people with anxiety and low self esteem.
We tend to compare ourselves to other people and sometimes volunteers will look at other helpers who might do more hours than them and it makes them feel like they are not doing enough.
This is what I want you to remember:
It is ok to be tired.
It is ok to say no.
Do what you can and don’t ever push yourself too far.

This might sound obvious but sadly it is not. Being a caring person; sometimes saying no is the hardest thing in the world and admitting that you are tired when you see people around you that just keep going is hard. Just remember that the most important person in your life needs to be you.
Listen to your body. If it tells you that you are tired: Rest!
If your gut feeling is that you rather not help at the next event: Don’t! It is ok.

Working as a volunteer is such an important job but remember that you are part of a team.
When asked if you can do something take it as just that; a question. If you can’t or just don’t want to there is no need for explanations just say no, not this time.

You are too important to allow yourself to break

xx Maria

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