Don’t throw that away! – We might be able to make money on them :)

1. All brands and sizes of plastic trigger heads from beauty & cleaning products.
2. All brands and sizes of FLEXIBLE wipe packaging (cleaning wipes/beauty wipes etc.)
3. All brands and sizes of plastic air freshener packaging.
4. All brands and sizes or plastic air fresheners and air freshener cartridges.
5. All brand and sizes of pumps and caps from cleaning products e.g. washing up bottle tops.
6. All brands of Sweet & Savoury biscuit wrappers (not silver lined ones)
7. Flexible single use mask packaging and the blue plastic film put on top of the tissue mask.
8. Personal care and beauty product packaging caps, pumps and trigger sprays (rigid plastic bottles are NOT accepted, these can go in your own recycle bin)
9. Plastic pots and flexible tubes used for personal care and beauty products.
10. Hair colourant kits (except rigid plastic bottles and cardboard packaging).
11. Plastic roll-on deodorants (aerosols are NOT accepted)
12. All brands of Baby food pouches and caps
13. All brands of Baby snack packets/porridge pouches
14. All brands of Writing equipment e.g. pens, highlighters, correction fluid pots, markers (NOT pencils or crayons)
15. Extinguished cigarettes, cigarette filters, loose tobacco pouches, outer plastic packaging, inner foil packaging, rolling paper and cigarette ash. (Please bag these items up and secure properly. This is collected at the Lord Rosebery pub & Golden Star in Norwich only)

Other collection points so far are:
Taverham Garden Centre
Scrapbox in Reepham
(Please check their websites for opening times)
40 Marston Moor, Thorpe St Andrews (NR7 0TL)
Private property so please leave in a bag by the door if Gemma is not home.

If you have a place suitable to be a collection point please PM us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

1 thought on “Don’t throw that away! – We might be able to make money on them :)”

  1. Anglia Square as a collection point? People can drop it off whilst shopping. Also will there be more items added to the list such as chewing gum and wrappers, bottle tops, coffee pouches. Thank you

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