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Taverham Village Hall
9 Sandy Ln, Taverham, Norwich NR8 6JR, UK

Over 150 boxes with all and everything – all sold at 50 pence per item or three for £1!

Kitchen stuff, vases, ornaments, toys and much much more.

For our regulars: please note that there will be no jumble for sale at this event.

Cafe’ with coffees, teas and biscuits.

Basic wildlife care course
Held by Lyz Hall and Jenna Painter from Hallswood Animal Sanctuary.
Would you be interested to attend?
We will ask for a £2 donation just to cover the cost of the hall.
This course will be mandatory for anyone signing up for the Transporter volunteer role with Hallswood and will give you a basic knowledge of:
*Identifying common injuries and how to treat some of them.
*How to handle wildlife correctly to minimize stress and impact.
*Emergency first aid.
*Infection control.
There is a limited amount of spaces so only sign up if you are sure that you will attend.
Coffees and teas included.