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Having a clearout? Think of us :)Remember: Old socks and knackered knickers, scuffed shoes and ripped jackets. They can all be sold as rag so bring them into one of our charity shops and help us help more animals and birds.
xx Maria

As an animal sanctuary, we try not only to help the animals and birds brought to us but also work preventative and educational. We want more people to see why nature truly is magical and open peoples eyes to how amazing it really is. One of the fundamental things that I find fascinating is the balance and how every single bit of it matters, no matter how small.
Just think of worms for example.
Not only do they provide a super important food source to everything from birds to badgers but they keep our soil healthy too. There is more than one sort too, of course. There are composting worms helping with recycling green waste, epigeic worms breaking down leaf litter, endogenic worms eating and aerating the soil and anecic worms pulling down leaves from the surface.

So how can we help these important creatures?
Work in some fresh garden soil whenever you’re planting something new, mulch, be a bit messy and leave some plants to die down naturally and don’t use chemicals!

They might not be the cutest of creatures but just as important as the rest of them 🙂

xx Maria

PS. For all the info you will ever need about earthworms check this link 🙂

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