February at Hallswood animal sanctuary

This month at the sanctuary the boys have been busy with a big construction project at the sanctuary, so far the floor is down and the walls are going up, and hopefully will be complete in a month or so. The bird flu issue is still on going, though fingers crossed our birds should be able to be free range again in the next week or so, which will be much better for them (however is has been nice to be able to feed the rabbits without chickens and geese trying to steal their food!)

We have a cat called Winter who has been out and about at the sanctuary now for a few weeks; we have more than 100 cats on site, and she doesn’t like other cats, which you can imagine is a bit of a problem for her! She will now come down and walk around with the other cats after spending a few weeks staying on top of aviaries, but she still doesn’t get on with any of them. She likes me however (probably because I always feed her extra) and she also likes to give love nibbles as my neck found out!

Doris came and caused carnage, but was nice enough to leave the sanctuary from the worst of it, with only 1 tree and the roof of one of our aviaries having blown of and a LOT of pinecones knocked off the trees, there was no real damage done!

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