Friends of Hallswood

There are so many lovely people and businesses that help us and we wanted to show them some love back.
Under “How to help us” you will find a monthly update on the business of the month.
This is where we will keep the previous ones 🙂

Reclaim That Style
Val has been helping Hallswood for quite a few years now and to think that it all started with a few bra wires…
Val is a person who sees the possible in the impossible and is always there to help us in any way that she can.
She helps us with transport to events, sort out our window display in one of our shops and brings her amazing Dogbola to most of her events raising important funds for us.
Thank you Val 🙂
Pop over to her facebook page and check her out. She has dog beds, dog coats, toys and lots lots more. Many of them made from recycled materials bought from our shops!


Emery’s Boards is a fab example of how you can help so very much just by doing what for some might look like a small thing.
Hallswood is very blessed when it comes to donations of stuff and things so some of our supporters arranges regular Jumble Sales to help us out. They are now almost experts in doing this but there is always a problem with signs outside the venues.
This is where “Chalkboard Chap” comes in.
He very kindly decided to design our very own blackboard A-Frame and look what he made us!
Thank you so much. We love it and we love you ? <3

For more of Emery’s Boards lovely creations follow these links


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