Hallswoods Newsletter Summer 2017

So summer is here and we are busier than ever. Baby season started early and it is still going! It is lucky we have the animal hospital as it is now serving as a big baby nursery! I’m not sure that the staff and volunteers loves it as much as the babies do (it is around 35 Celsius in there :D). We were planning to make some improvements to the hospital but they just have to wait until later in the year.

We have seen an increase in calls to us which is a bit worrying. One day Lyz had 14 emergency calls before midday! Hedgehogs trapped in holes, baby birds attacked by pets, abandoned kittens, bats, rat pups, deer, badgers, squirrels… You name it! This has reinforced our belief that we need to increase the educational side of what we do as most of these animals and birds are hurt not on purpose but by accident. Make sure to follow us on Facebook, twitter and of course our webpage for updates as we are planning some great educational events, hopefully for this autumn.

Building work is ongoing at the sanctuary and the big build is almost done. We are now in the process of building something as fancy as a new staff toilet (the luxury… I tell you 😉 )
The projects this year are some of the biggest in the history of the sanctuary so make sure to keep an eye on our website as we will post pictures there as and when they are ready.
Well maybe not the toilet but all the other projects!

Other than that, it is pretty much business as usual. Both our shops are doing well and with a new storage building now in use, we can plan for even bigger and better events for the future. Just make sure to keep those donations coming in! Kid’s clothes, toys, men’s clothes and things we can use for tombola are always in great demand. Saying that, we do not say no to women’s clothes, bric-a-brac, books, dvds, bedlinen either.

As always, before I let you go, there are a few things I just want to remind you about:
People like you make what we do possible – without you we are nothing so no matter if you help by buying things from the shops, attending our events or donating money to our PayPal:
We thank you!

Remember that the Penny Appeal is still very much ongoing so grab a jar from one of our shops or events and fill them with all those pesky pennies that weigh your wallets down J So far we have made close to £700 on pennies. Can you help us make it over £1500 this year?
Save you stamps, jam jars and old socks and help us make 2017 the year everything changed for the better.



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