How is a sanctuary born

How is an animal sanctuary born?
Well I can tell you that most of the time it is not planned. It just kind of happens.
Hallswood Animal Sanctuary was founded almost 21 years ago and is still going strong today.
Keith Hall and his first wife moved to Norfolk, bought a plot of land and being animal lovers they just started rescuing.
Over the years the number of animals and birds helped by Hallswood are far too many to count but right now they have around 750 individuals in their care – a number that fluctuates depending on emergency rescues and happy release stories.
Being 21 years old there are many areas that need to be rebuilt – a process that is ongoing but moving forward thanks to our amazing volunteer group and their fundraising efforts and other supporters.
The next big thing on our project list is to connect the Sanctuary to mains electricity. Something we can only now imagine thanks to a generous legacy left to us last year. After 21 years of using generators and gas heaters we can now start to plan for an even more reliable source of electricity – not to mention it being cheaper in the long run.
The legacy will pay for the process of getting the electricity to the edge of our land.
We are now trying to raise funds to get it connected to all our buildings.
The first big event where all the money will be earmarked for this, is on the 22nd of April at Hellesdon High School between 11 am and 1 pm.
We will fill the hall with everything you can imagine – from shoes, handbags and clothes to collectables, brand new items and toys.
There will be games, raffle, tombola and of course a cafe filled with homemade cakes, hot drinks and light lunches. Outside you will find staff from the Sanctuary with a few of our animals and lots of plants for sale.
Please join us on the day and help us raise as much as possible towards this project.
It is a truly life changing event for the Sanctuary and you will help us to build a brighter future.
Free entry and free parking.
To help with a donation towards this project please use PayPal
Mark the donation “Let there be light” 🙂

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