How to help Hallswood

Want to help us but don’t have a lot of money?
Want to help us but don’t really have time?
Here’s a list of 20 things you can do to help us and most won’t cost you a penny or take that much time 🙂

1. Share our GoFundMe campaigns with friends and family.
We will run a few different campaigns throughout the year and it would be easy to think that unless you make an actual donation you can’t make a difference but nothing could be more wrong. Each and every one of you will have a network of friends and family who might not even know about Hallswood and what we do. A simple “Share” might make the difference between a successful campaign and one that doesn’t make even half of the total amount needed so share share share; You are important. 🙂

2. Donate things to our fundraising team.
Most of you will know that we have two charity shops; one on 177 Drayton road (NR3 area) and one on Vauxhall street (NR2 area) and it might not come as a surprise to you that we rely on your donations to keep our shops going. What might come as a surprise however is that we don’t only want the stuff good enough to sell but also stained, ripped or much-worn clothing and shoes. These are then sold as rags something that is a very important part of our fundraising. Why not do like many of our volunteers do and keep a bag in a corner of your wardrobe for any odd socks, washed out t-shirts or even old underwear; just tell us it’s for the rag and we won’t even sort it, just tip it into the rag bag.

3. Do you have an allotment or garden? Would you mind giving us any surplus fruit or veg?
Every year we sell hundreds of jars of home-made jams, chutneys and marmalades and needless to say this makes us a fair few £ to help us feed the animals and birds in our care. All the fruit we use are donated by supporters and we are proud to say that everything is made from fresh, not tinned fruit; actually, the berries are even grown here in Norfolk by one of our volunteers and guaranteed 100% free from pesticides. What about that 🙂

4. Come to our events and bring everyone you know along with you.
Ok, so I got to be honest here. This might actually end up costing you a bit of money as our events are famous for all the bargains you can make on the day not to mention all the lovely cakes sold at most of these events but hey, sometimes you have to treat yourself right 🙂 Make sure that you subscribe to our events here on facebook and just like with our GoFundMe campaigns you can help just by inviting and sharing these events.

5. Make stuff for us to sell.
Now, this is one that can cost as little or as much as you want really. Amongst our crafters we have a whole bunch of lovely ladies who not only knit our catnip mice but also buy all the wool they use (one even make her own wool; How cool is that!) but we also have a lady who comes in to our shop on 177 Drayton road and takes some of the many curtains that never sold in the shop. She then turns these into reusable shopping bags! We then sell them for £1. Another customer takes bed linen with stains, washes them and sews them together creating amazing throws for us to sell. Why not join us at our craft evenings? First Friday every month we meet between 7 and 9 pm at the Norman Center.

6. Sign up to be a volunteer. 
This might sound pretty straight forward and obvious but we wanted to include it anyway as there is more to it than it might sound. Being a volunteer can sound quite daunting, especially if you are a person with a busy life, but did you know that being a volunteer doesn’t have to be x hours every week? We need volunteers for events, shops or volunteer days at the sanctuary just to name a few. We have volunteers who volunteer over 20 hours per week but we also have volunteers donating maybe 4 hours per year 🙂

7. Arrange a coffee morning / Saturday night in with friends / Garden party / “Bring and buy”
Now, this could be fun. You know how we all seem to have friends and family we just don’t get to see that often? Why not invite them over for a mini event; like a coffee morning, a Saturday night in or maybe even a “bring and buy” event. Ask for a small donation, make a few cakes and why not arrange a little raffle; just let us know if you need any help. This is a fantastic way of not only helping us but also have a nice time doing it 🙂
If you’d like to arrange a jewelery sale just let us know. We have setups priced and ready to go!

8. Grow some plants for us.
As easy as it sounds 🙂 Are you a lovely gardener or just a happy windowsill grower? Well if you could pot on or divide something we make lots of money from selling plants every year as we sell them on both our events and in our fundraising shops! And if you need plastic pots, just let us know. We have loads!

9. Bake for our events
So I know that I said that most of these ideas would not cost you anything but this is such an important thing that I had to include it. Every year we host a few events and part of the success of these are thanks to the lovely café we have. Let’s face it; we all love home-made cake! The more people we can add to our group of bakers the more we will make for the animals 🙂 If you think you could bake for us just PM us and we will tell you more.

10. Carboot / Jumble sale / Garden sale
As we are very lucky with the number of donations we receive in both our shops we always have extra things in our storage. If you have a spare Saturday or think you could have a little garden sale in aid of Hallswood we would be more than happy to provide you with things to sell. Just let us know and we’ll sort out the details 🙂

11. Do something drastic   😀
Cut your hair, wax your chest, walk 20 miles or sign up to run the Norwich half marathon. Your imagination is the only limit 😀 Set a challenge and ask your friends and family to sponsor you.

12. Collection tin where you work
Do you work in a place where you could have a collection tin? This is one of the easiest things you can do to help us as it involves minimal effort and planning but it’s such an important part of our fundraising. Ask your boss, send us a message and we will give you a collection tin then all you have to do is letting us know when it’s time to empty it and then you start over again. “Simples” 🙂

13. Posters and flyers for events
One of our most important ways of fundraising are the events we arrange. Not only do these events bring in important funds allowing us to continue to expand and improve our sanctuary but they also help us show the public what we do and inform people on how they can live a more wildlife friendly life. You can help by signing up to our events on Facebook, sharing the event with everyone you know but also by distributing our posters and flyers helping us by making sure that as many as possible show up on the day!

14. Easy fundraising – sign up, shop as usual and they donate money to us!
Easiest of them all! Sign up, shop as normal and make us money without spending anything extra. Click on the link here and get started (and as usual; share share share :P)

15. Ask your workplace to get involved
Maybe they would be happy to let you host a collection day. When I still lived in Sweden one of the biggest insurance companies in Stockholm let me arrange a collection day for clothes in their building. The CEO sent an email to all employees asking them to bring a bag of unwanted clothes to donate to a homeless charity and boy did they answer! We were there between 7.30 am and 9.30 am and had over 500 bags of clothes donated! As it is done in a few hours there is little disruption but a lot of goodwill!

16. Chip and quiz night at your local pub?
As easy as it sounds! If you are a regular at your local pub they might let you arrange a “chip and quiz” night? Let the locals test their knowledge while enjoying a nice night out with some friends. Let us know if you need a hand with anything like advertising or maybe help out with a first prize for the winner 🙂

17. Arrange a bag pack day at your local supermarket
This is something that takes a bit of planning but done well it can not only bring in a lot of money but it is also a great way of raising awareness. Get in contact with your local shop and ask if they would consider letting you arrange one. Again, let us know if there is anything we can do to help.

18. Sweepstake / Competitions
Who will win on the X-factor or the Voice? Will Norwich City win their next game? Will we have a hosepipe ban next summer? You ask the question then get your friends and family involved!

19. Penny jar –There’s an office edition too!
This is something we even do in the shop and it is amazing how every penny truly counts. In 2018 supporters raised £1600 just by donating their 1 and 2 pennies! Just imagine how much we could make if you all did the same! PM us if you’d like a jar for your office, for a Penny Jar for home all you have to do is to pop into one of our charity shops or events.

20. Recycle and help us save the world at the same time as you make us money!
We have an ever growing list of things we can save from going to landfill.
Check out this list for more info:

So there you are; 20 ways to help us ranging from the effortless to some that take more planning but every one of the fantastic ways of helping us help more animals. I know that we keep on saying this but it is worth repeating; without you, we could not do what we do – You are important!

Thank you!
x The Hallswood Family

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