Jennas blog – August

This month at the sanctuary we have been very busy and had lots of volunteers down to help with clearing up.
We have been getting rid of our massive wood pile, cleaned up a whole mountain of cat carriers and cages, as well as starting work on stripping out our animal hospital. This is to get it all set up with the new worktops that were very kindly donated to us. This will get us set up and ready for the autumn and create an easier space for lyz to use to take care of all the sick animals we get in.

A very lovely lady called Paula has managed to raise over £6000 this year so that we can build a hedgehog hospital for the many hedgehogs that we look after throughout the year. The building has not started yet but will begin soon. Massive thank you to hodmedods!

Soon we will be having a jumble sale at Hellesdon High school on Saturday 9th to raise money towards getting electricity on site. After 21 years of only sometimes having generators this will have a massive impact on day to day tasks at the sanctuary; a fridge for medicine, having a washing machine on site and even just boiling water in a kettle for hot water bottles.
Please come along and help us raise some funds towards an amazing cause! 

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