June at the Sanctuary

This month and Hallswood we have had many more baby birds coming to us, from tiny finch to a tawny owl and pretty much everything in between. We have had lots of baby seagulls come into us in the last week; lots have had broken bones and burnt feet from being on top of metal roofs in the extreme heat and jumping from their nests.
We also have had lots of cats brought to us as well (mostly feral) and some of which have been pregnant, so we have quite a few kittens around and more cats to add to our neutering list! I wish I could spend all day giving them snuggles but they are too small to handle and I have many other jobs I need to do. Fingers crossed the kitten grow up nice and strong and go on to find some wonderful forever homes in the future.
The heart of the sanctuary building is very near completion, only plastering, painting and flooring to be done and it is ready to go! Although the cat room is missing it finishing touches we are already enjoying the new sofa and eating lunch in comfort (and the cats quite like it too!)
Next month’s projects involve building a new aviary for the baby birds so they can cool off and get ready to be released back into the wild at our horse fields.


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