Kitten Season is here again

Kitten season.
Sound so cute, fluffy, adorable.
Reality is more than often very different.
Some kittens are brought to us riddled with fleas or full of maggots. Some are 6 weeks, others just hours old. Some are terrified of humans and scratch, hiss and spit. Some are brought to us because they just didn’t sell on the local for sale site, often because they are “the wrong colour” or “not fluffy enough”. What they all have in common is that they are all unique and they all deserve a chance.

Last year just one of our fosterers saw over 30 kittens being brought to her.
Every single one was treated like they were the only one and given everything possible to enable them to make it through. The love that is poured into these little creatures is just amazing.
Most of them made it.
Some did not.
The emotional rollercoaster that is fostering is beyond inspirational and I admire the foster mums so much.

So, now it is here again. Kitten season.
The first little one has been brought to us and from experience, we know there will be many more.
The only cost is not the emotional one but also the financial and if you’d like to help Shona and the other fosterers to help them please send money to our PayPal and mark it “Kitten milk” and I will make sure that it is used to stock up on uth goats milk. The link you need is

Thank you xx

Scary cost of hand-rearing a kitten from 1 day old to leave at 12 weeks old:
uth Goats milk until 5 weeks old  £17.60
Wet food and cat litter  £60
Vaccinations  £45
Microchip  £7.50
Worming  £12
Flea drops  £3
Grand total: £145.10

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