March at the Sanctuary

This month at the sanctuary, normality has been restored and our birds are allowed out again and free range. We used the opportunity to deworm all the chickens, ducks geese and swans before we let them out, and I extremely underestimated how strong some of the ducks are! It was lovely to see the swans on the pond finally after over 3 months of having to be contained with the bird flu outbreaks reported in some parts of the country.
We are also trying to prepare for baby season, we often get people coming to us with baby animals and birds that need to be hand reared, fed every few hours through the day and night, keeping them nice and warm, and also with all wildlife making sure not to imprint on them. Imprinting is when an animal is handled and becomes domesticated and can never be released back into the wild as the chances of them surviving are very slim.
We have welcomed a new pig to hallswood this month as well, the guys has to build a pen for him in 2 days before he arrived, but he came home to find a nice bed with lots of straw and plenty of food, although he does like to play with his water bowl and won’t stop spilling it everywhere, what a silly piggy.
The multipurpose building is also coming along nicely, now have the roof nearly on so hopefully by the end of the month it will be complete.
xx Jenna

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