May at the sanctuary


It has been an amazing month for us at Hallswood; the new building is now being plastered so pretty close to being finished.

We have also had hundreds of baby birds in this month that have had to be hand reared, from tiny baby blue tits to a fledgling crow we have had quite the collection. Hand rearing is extremely difficult to do, first of all birds need to be kept at 39 degrees so the room is hot, and syringing food into their mouths while avoiding the airways is tricky, especially with the smaller birds!

Many of you who are closely involved with the sanctuary will probably know this, but Lyz had a weekend off. This may sound normal, but she is on call 24/7, she works from the crack of dawn until the early hours of the morning saving animals, she hasn’t had a single day off for 6 years, so this was well overdue! It took 4 of us to look after the 750 animals we have, needless to say I couldn’t have done what Lyz does alone, but thanks to Lucy, Jess And Brandon we managed to muddle through and was a very successful weekend all around. It also gave me a real appreciation for what Lyz does and how hard she works to look after the animals, I took over from Lyz for 72 hours and it was very hard work, however she was still on call while being an holiday and giving me advice with the baby birds which was fairly new to me.

Hopefully next month will see the new building complete, or at least ready for starting to move in to. And fingers crossed in the future Lyz can have the odd day or weekend off!

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