Penny’s story – Written by fosterer Shona

About 7 weeks ago,a beautiful and heavily pregnant young cat, was handed into our charity shop, her name is Penny,not yet a year old but had given birth to several litters of kittens, kittens arrived safely couple of weeks later and for the first 9 days all was well,but on day 10,Penny started attacking her kittens, so I received them to hand rear,4 precious little bundles of fur
Sadly,the smallest kitten did not survive, but today, the 3 surviving kittens now 5 weeks old, graduated from heated carrier into a playpen, to start weaning and toilet training
This is what Hallswood is all about, we take the unwanted and love them until ready to go to new homes, where they shall be neutered and never ever allowed to breed
Please neuter and spay your pets, and save cats like Penny,going through the agony of labour and bringing up kittens, when just a kitten herself
Photo of Penny by Maria Thornberg,kitten photos by Leila Bidwell,because I am useless at taking photographs!

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