We are now in the process of trying to raise money for storage at the sanctuary. More storage would mean that we can buy even more stuff in bulk and that is something that would save us money in the long run.
We estimate that we need £2500 for this project and we know that it might sound a lot but it could save us many thousands in the long run.
To donate towards this project please send a donation through PayPal and mark it as "Storage"

Previous projects

"Hallswoods Hogspital"
We have had amazing news from Paula and the money for Hallswoods new Hogspital has been raised!
Well done to Paula, all the volunteers and of course the people donating money towards it. You guys are amazing!

"Honkys new home"
£300 for a new enclosure for an emergency rescue of a pig.
£273 raised in 48 hours. Thank you!

New enclosure for the rabbits!

If you recall the very brave Hannah Yallop did a sponsored sky dive back in April.
The money has now all been collected and we can finally reveal just how much she made.
Her goal was to raise £250 to help us rebuild the rabbit area at the Sanctuary but the end result was even better than that.
Hannah Raised an amazing £500! How awesome is that? 😀

Well done Hannah. You are a brave young lady with a big heart.
Lyz and the rabbits thank you 😊

xx Maria