Public statement

After being contacted by a few supporters, we have decided to make a statement with regards to recent events involving a re-homed cat.

We were reported to the police and accused of theft by a member of the public. Obviously this is not true and this has now been confirmed by the police and we have been cleared of all charges. We have up until now chosen not to make any comments because we feel that after 24 years of always putting animals first our track-record speaks for itself.

On a personal note I must say that the abuse that Lyz has suffered from some people calling her in the middle of the night, threatening her and calling her the most horrific things has shocked me. These are people who seem to have forgotten that there is more than one side to a story.

We would like to thank Matthew Crane from M Crane Security ( ) for installing CCTV on our sanctuary site on very short notice after Lyz received a rather threatening visit from a person involved in the case. We called him at 12.30 and by 7 the same night CCTV was up and running.

We will not comment any further on this as there is still an active investigation into welfare of the said cat, as well as a case involving harassment and defamation of character based on some of the horrific accusations that have been made and spread about Hallswood. This is also the reason that we sadly cannot share the pictures we took of the cat on arrival and during treatment.

These sorts of accusations could be devastating for an animal rescue at any time, but even more so during this difficult time with covid-19 affecting our fundraising dramatically.
We would like to thank our supporters for standing by us and keeping a record of all posts about us and passing them on to the police.


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