An article about crisps, fake crisps and wannabe Pringles

This is the first of a series of articles about Hallswoods recycling scheme.
First I’d like to address the number one question we get.
“Why do you take this item but not that? It’s the same plastic!”
You are right, and it might appear very illogical but it is simpler than you think.
Terracycle teams up with businesses to help them solve a recycling need. This is how Terracycle is funded and how the recycling scheme is able to pay us and other groups for what we do.
Some businesses are happy to sponsor all brands, while others just want to solve a problem for their own brand. This is something you’ll see a perfect example of further down in this article.

I thought we would start with the biggest one: Crisps.
As a Swedish person in the UK I am totally amazed by the amount of crisps you guys go through! (It is also something that I was very happy to adapt to I might add 😉 ) This is something that is totally reflected in the recycling scheme and I’d say that crisp packets in all different shapes is the number one thing we send in to Terracycle. So. What is accepted and how can you pre-sort it to make our life easier on the other end?
This is the way. (Star Wars reference. Get it? No? Just me? Ok, moving on 😀 )

There are three relevant recycling schemes for this category so ideally we want you to pre-sort them into these three. Pre-sorting means that you keep the items separate. There are many ways to do this, personally I use bread bags, others use elastic bands (we can reuse them in our shops so don’t worry, they won’t go to waste) and some simply use one pack of crisps to put all other crisp packs in and so on. NEVER tie the packets into knots as we have to untie then before sending them away…

1. The crisp scheme is sponsored by Walkers and they are happy for you to send in ANY BRAND of crisps and quavers. It is important that you only put crisps here as we get double the money for this scheme compared to the next one on the list here.

2. Category 2 is sponsored by KP and again, they are happy for any brand. In this one we can accept popcorn, pretzels, hula hoops, peanuts, other nuts and other similar snacks.
However, we can NOT accept the following: Cheese strings, fridge raiders, pork scratchings, dried fruit packets, granola/cereal bags, Noodle/rice bags, seed packets or nutrient powder and topper packets.

3. The last category here are Pringles and they ONLY accept real Pringles. Any other brand crisps in tubes are NOT accepted. The scheme does accept the actual tube itself, the lid and foil top.

It is VERY important that you DO NOT send us items NOT on our lists as it actually costs us money to get the rubbish removed! If you have ANY doubts or questions please contact us and we will answer as fast as we can.

So there it is, the first article in the “Recycle and pre-sort like a boss”.
If you want to get involved on a bigger scale, why not start collecting crisp packets where you work or in your neighbourhood?
No matter if you want to do it small scale or involve your community; we are here to support you and answer any questions that you might have.
Thank you for helping us help them and save the world at the same time 😉

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