The beauty and the beast

The second article in Hallswoods recycling series is all about beauty, cleaning and to see clearly 😊
I would like to start this article by answering the second most common question we get:
“What happens with the things after we send them to Terracycle”?
Terracycle is an amazing company that promise to NEVER send anything to landfill or incineration. Instead they work with a close loop system where they Reuse, Remake, Recycle or Compost everything sent to them. This means that your crisp packets can become a pair of shoes, toothpaste tubes could turn into a table or your cleaning products an entire playground!
You can read more on this link:…/about-terracycle/how_we_solve

There are 4 relevant recycling schemes for this category and if you want to help us even more than just saving them and bring them to us already separated in the different schemes.
So here we go:

4. Is cleaning and this is open for any brand there is. We can accept quite a few things here so do concentrate 😉
Plastic air freshener containers, fragrance twin pack plastic sleeves, flexible stain remover packaging, flexible packaging from dishwasher salt bags, plastic air fresheners cartridge caps, plastic car air fresheners (NOT electrical), flexible cleaning wipes packaging used for home cleaning, flexible laundry pods, capsules and dish washer tablets packaging, TINTED fabric conditioner bottles and caps, TINTED ridged plastic tubs for home cleaning.
We do NOT accept aerosols, glass air freshener cartridges, transparent bottles, other caps than the ones from TINTED conditioner bottles, other flexible wipe packaging like baby wipes or trigger spray tops from cleaning products. All of these should be able to be put in your normal recycling bin at home.

5. The Colgate scheme is open for any brands and we can accept the following:
floss containers and outer packaging, plastic toothbrushes, toothpaste tubes and caps, electric and battery operated toothbrush heads, plastic toothbrush outer packaging and toothpaste cartons.
We do NOT accept floss, inter-dental brushes or toothpicks, toothbrushes NOT made from plastic, mouthwash bottles.

6. The beauty scheme is open for all brands and we accept the following:
flexible single use mask packaging and the blue plastic that comes with these, caps, pumps and trigger spray heads from beauty and personal care products, plastic pots and flexible tubes from beauty and personal care products, flexible plastic wipe packaging (NOT BABY WIPES), hair colourant kits except the carton and rigid plastic bottles, plastic roll-on deodorants.

We do NOT accept glass containers, baby wipe packaging, ridged plastic bottles, aerosols, metal bottles or make-up boxes.

7. Contact lenses – These HAVE TO be kept in a separate bag. Please don’t EVER put them lose in the bins as it makes it an absolute nightmare to sort.
We save these for Colemans Opticians who send them in for the amazing charity Keeping A Breast, a breast cancer charity.
With this scheme we can accept any brand of foil from the contact lens blister packaging and the plastic contact lens blister packaging and the actual soft disposable contact lens itself.
Very important here is that we do NOT accept medication blister packs!
Neither do we accept contact lens storage packs, hard contact lenses, glasses or eye drop and solution bottles.

Thank you for helping us to help them and save the world at the same time 😉

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