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This is the third article in Hallswoods recycling series and this time it is all about sweets, biscuits and bread! I thought I’d start the article with an answer to the third most common question we get about our recycling scheme and that is “What happens with everything I drop off at the drop-off points and how does a lot of rubbish help Hallswood and Norfolks wildlife”?
Well, this is how it goes.
You drop off a bag of pre-sorted recycling (after these articles I am going to assume that everything will be pre-sorted like a pro :D) at a drop-off point.
Step 2 is collection and this is done by volunteers. Some collection points are so busy that we have collection 3-5 times every week! The recycling is then brought either to a volunteer’s home as some sort and send off from there, or to our shop on 140 Magdalen Street where the bulk of the sorting is done. All the recycling is then sorted into the different categories and boxed up and collected by UPS to be sent to Terracycle in the UK. I thought I’d point out that the majority of the actual processing by Terracycle is done here in the UK and NOT abroad. I know we have had several messages from concerned people worrying that it might be sent to landfill in other countries but I can assure you that it is not.
Now for the money part. Terracycle is sponsored by businesses like Walkers, Nestle’ and Pringles to fix a recycling need. That money is partly given to us charities based on a point system. The points are given based on the weight we send in and we get paid twice a year. The pay-out in December 2019 was £4800! We are hoping to hit £1000/month before the end of the first six month period in 2020 so get saving 😉

There are 4 relevant recycling schemes for this category and if you want to help us even more please separate the recycling into these categories before bringing them to us.

8. Sweets and chocolate. In this scheme we can accept all plastic chocolate and sweet pouches and bags, individual chocolate bar wrappers, chocolate and sweets multi-pack outer plastic packaging and plastic chocolate block wrappers. The scheme is sponsored by Nestle’ but is open to all brands.
We can NOT accept chocolate tins, the individual wrappers from chocolate tins, ice cream wrappers, foil and paper packets or cardboard tubes.

9. The Kinder scheme is sponsored by kinder and is open only to Kinder products. We can accept all parts of kinder products such as the aluminium foil packaging, rigid plastic packaging, individual wrappers and the flexible plastic packaging.
Please note that we can NOT accept aluminium foil from other products.

10. Biscuits and cakes. This scheme is open to all brands and is sponsored my multiple businesses.
We can accept cracker wrappers, any savoury biscuit wrapper that would include mini cheddars or tuc, all brands of cake wrappers and non-savoury biscuit wrappers (including Penguin bars) and muesli and granola bar wrappers (NOT granola and cereal bags! Just the small snack bars)

We can NOT accept the plastic individual small trays or aluminium tins that come with some cake bars neither do we accept the packaging around things like crumpets or pancakes.

11. Bread. We can accept any stretchy plastic bread bags. Please note that we can NOT accept any cellophane or paper bread bags. Neither do we accept other stretchy plastic bags such as fruit/veg bags, cheese, frozen food, chips etc. ONLY bread.

Thank you for helping us help them and save the world at the same time 

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