All about the small stuff

This is the 4th article in Hallswoods recycling series and the time has come to talk about the small stuff and the fuel that drives us (well me at least):
Baby food, pet food, beer and coffee. 😀
But true to form I would like to start the article by answering, maybe not a question but rather a form of scepticism towards this entire recycling scheme.
Overall the response to any form of recycling is amazing, but every now and then there are comments like “it’s not about recycling, its about changing your habits” or  even as far as that it is “irresponsible to promote recycling when we should promote alternatives to plastic rather than help people keep their single use plastic habits”.
So where do I start….
Hallswood animal sanctuary is NOT a political group and our focus is to save, rehabilitate and help animals and birds, with a focus on wildlife. A few years ago we started to look closer at the animals brought to us and quickly realised that the vast majority were injured by mistake rather than on purpose. With that we then thought: “where there is a mistake there is a lesson” and we started to work a bit more preventative too as we feel it goes hand in hand with what we do.

I have chosen to illustrate this article with a picture taken by a member of the public to show one of many examples where wildlife gets hurt by our waste and this is the reason we started to do recycling through Terracycle. I would like to point out that we also promote alternatives to plastic but it is not our focus as an organisation. I hope that this explains better why we feel like recycling might not be the answer but a temporary solution as the world change their habits 😊
There are 4 relevant recycling schemes for this category and if you want to help us even more please separate the recycling into these categories before bringing them to us.

12. The first one is sponsored by Ella’s Kitchen but is open to all brands or Baby food pouches, baby food caps and snack packets. Please remove as much food residue as possible but there is no need to cut the pouches open and wash them.
Please note that we do NOT accept things like capri drinks and other drinks – just baby food pouches, even if they are made with similar materials.

13. Cat and dog food. We can accept all plastic dry food and treat packaging and wet food pouches.
First of all I would like to point out what should be so obvious: EVERYTHING NEEDS TO BE CLEANED! We have lost 4 collection points because some people do NOT clean things like wet food pouches out before dropping them off. I find it totally unfathomable how anyone could think that it would be ok to do this as it don’t exactly demand a high IQ to understand what happens with meat products if you leave them for a few days in the sun. Please show our volunteers and collection points some respect and take this point serious.

We do NOT accept paper bags, tins and aluminium foil tins, catmilk bottles/boxes, cat litter bags and we only accept cat and dog items (not hedgehog/bird/horse/rabbit etc food).

14. Plastic ring carriers. This is something I am so so happy to be able to collect in the interim period as they are hopefully changed for other solutions. Ring carries is something that causes so much harm in the animal kingdom but now we can send them in to Terracycle.

Please note that we can NOT accept just any random type of plastic (we have had glasses with one arm, broken headphones and random clear plastic wraps, you name it!) or fruit bag nets.

15. Tassimo pods. We can accept any size Tassimo flow wrap packaging, Tassimo discs as they are (NO NEED TO RINSE THEM OUT), any L’or coffee capsules, and kenco eco refill packs and kenco plastic coffee jar lids.

We can NOT accept any other brand of coffee discs or pods, individual sachets of coffee drinks, coffee bags, cardboard packaging (normal recycling!) or tea bags and packaging.

Thank you for helping us help them and save the world at the same time 😉

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