Sanctuary update March 2020

We are busy busy prepping for baby bird season! Buildings are updated and deep cleaned, cages checked over and stock bought in. We are stocking up on things like baby bird formula, seeds and hand warmer heat packs. I know, they are single use BUT they are absolutely essential for transporting baby birds as they keep a nice and even temperature for quite some time!
If you’d like to help us stocking up – please check our Amazon Wishlist. We would be extra grateful for anything marked as HIGHEST priority ?

We are also getting closer to hedgehog release time – all we need is for this rain to stop!
It is so difficult for these lovely animals in the wild. Many are waking up due to the mild weather finding a world without enough food to eat, many probably didn’t even start hibernation at all because the weather is so mild! You can help them by providing them with food in your garden. If you have a problem with local cats stealing the food why not build a hedgehog feeding station? Easiest is to Google it and I promise that you’ll find lots of great tutorials on how to. As for what to feed I have added a few words about that at the end of this article.

Last but not least we are prepping for two building projects.
After all the horrible rain we are in urgent need of rebuilding the girl pig’s bedroom area. We already have half the money thanks to all the Penny Jars you guys bring in! If you haven’t heard about our penny jars please pop in to either of our three shops and pick one up! All we ask is that you save all your 1 and 2 pennies and bring them to us when the jar is full. The money made from these are then used for special projects – or urgent ones like this time. If you brought us a full Penny Jar, well then this is built thanks to you! ?
The total amount needed for the project is £800 and we have £400 through the Penny Jars but please if you can send £1 our PayPal is – or just use this link:
The second project is a new drive! This is something that we have wanted, and needed, to do for so long! Thanks to mainly two amazing volunteers who have been collecting and selling second hand jewellery for just over 1 year and have raised a staggering £4,500 so far! I am in absolute awe of you two, Megan and Lin. We love you!
The remaining £2,000 is being raised as we speak through our online sales. Lovely Lucie set up our eBay account just a few months ago and it has made over £1,200 already. With some extra help from Kathy, Jos and of course master crafter Gemma the sales are increasing and we are now looking at ordering all the materials needed by the end of this month! Did I mention that we have the best volunteers in the world?

As you can see, we are busy and we will only get busier. We need more volunteers to join our crazy family and for you who wants to help at the sanctuary, well this is your chance.
Now, I want to make sure that you understand that sanctuary is haaaaaaaaard work and very rarely will it be hands on with the animals. But it is so rewarding! And actually, really fun too! ?

The first thing out is 70bags that needs to be filled with manure at our horsefield. You up for helping? We are also planning painting days and of course scrubbing days. Please join our volunteer group and help us help even more animals and birds!


When it comes to WHAT to feed hedgehogs I hope I wont be shot for saying this – Don’t bother with the expensive posh hedgehogs food for £10 for a bag of 1 kilo… Often these are just glorified cat food with added extras… Ok, that is my opinion so please don’t kill me.
If you think of what hedgehogs will eat in the wild and add a little bit of common sense you’ll be fine! For example – I love chocolate, if I eat ONLY chocolate it probably won’t do me any good at all. Will one piece kill me? Probably not. Saying that, things like dried mealworms are better to be left out as these have been linked to metabolic bone disease. Same goes for raisins and dried fruit as it tends to stick to their teeth and rot them away. In the wild they are little scavengers – they will eat meat, roadkill/beetles/the odd slug/eggs/worms…. So, what to feed them? Well, cat/dog food both wet and dry food. Mix in some seeds and if you like a few peanuts. When it comes to peanuts it is important that you crush them. This will ensure that they don’t get stuck in the roof of their mouths!

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