Sanctuary update! May

Gimmi my mealworms!

I’ve just spent two days at the sanctuary help re-organising the feed shed. The reason this was needed was the amazing generosity of you guys!
In the last month or so we have asked for storage boxes for the sanctuary and we have had a whole bunch donated.
This meant that now, instead of stumbling across small bags of feed avalanche to the floor, we know exactly where everything is, and it is safe. And easily accessible too!
Love love LOVE! 😀 We have updated the Amazon Wish list accordingly, link at the end of this post.
(And for those of you organising collection of feed for us: tins of cat food are much better than pouches but both are used) Thank you!

I have also managed to re-organise the utility shed, or part one of it. This was also made possible thanks to the many storage boxes donated. Again, this means that we have added new things to the Wish list 😊 Let’s just put it this way: Cleaning is a big part of animal rescue 😀

Next project is the animal hospital!
Oh the animal hospital….. It is full with baby birds and the 4 Brinsea TLC 30 Advance incubators that arrived yesterday could not have arrived at a better time! These were bought thanks to all the sales we have had through our eBay shop! (link at the end of post). We now have a need for some good standing extension leads (guess what. Some on our Wish-list now :P)

We have 40 baby birds in our care, with more coming in every day! This number does not include the many that are in pre-release aviaries! We are actually looking at buying another 4 incubators in the not too distant future to get the number up to 10 in total. For the bigger birds we were so desperate that we have ordered a slightly bigger version of the TLC incubators and even with a good discount that set us back £501.84! If you’d like to help us towards that cost please send a donation to PayPal and mark it “Incubator”. Our PayPal is
The TLC-30 Advance cost £235 each :O

The hedgehog hospital our friends from Hodmedod’s Hedgehog Support raised funds for us to build a few years back is also very much in use. Hedgehogs in all sizes arrive in need of help. Flystrike, dehydration, starvation, poisoning, injuries…. I think pretty much every single ZooZone cage they got us is in use one way or another!
This is where a lot of our heat-mats are being used so to all who have bought us the Komodo mats from our Wish-List – Thank you 😊

Outside of the sanctuary our team of volunteers are working hard to cover the losses we face due to all of our fundraising shops being closed and events being cancelled. They are crafting, listing on eBay and our “online charity shop” here on facebook. They are arranging garden sales, planting, delivering and bagging up manure and anything else to help us.
With the world trying to get back to whatever the new normal will be, we are planning for the same. As it stands though, we still don’t feel that it is safe for us to reopen our charity shops any time soon. We will move really slowly and step one was to start accepting donations at our shop on 177 Drayton Road. This will only be open for donations on MONDAYS 10 – 2. This is to ensure that all donations can be quarantined for at least 3 days before sorted. We are hoping to extend the days and of course open the other shops but baby steps. The safety of our volunteers, staff and, of course, customers is most important. We will arrange pop-up garden sales though so do keep an eye here 😉

We have had a lot of questions about our recycling scheme and we are looking at ways for us to get that started again. I dare say that it will be a long while before it will get back to normal, with lots of recycling point though. I am hoping that we can start to accept some recycling very soon but this will only be 100% pre-sorted items that are clean AND dry.
To see how you can pre-sort please look here
If you have recycling that is clean, dry and pre-sorted, please email us and we will do our best to find a solution. We are super eager to get started!

Anyway my lovelies, Thank you for all you guys do.
Remember that without you none of this would be possible so no matter how you support us:
You are a super-hero <3

Lots of love and hugs

Our eBay shop (You can order catnip mice here too :D):

Our online charity shop!:

Our amazon Wish-list:
(Top three on Wishlist right now are shelves, extension leads and Marigolds :D)

If you’d like to donate towards more incubators:
Our PayPal is ( )

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  1. We have been regularly recycling our crisp packets etc (completely empty of crumbs and completely dry) ever since your recycling scheme started. We have been dropping off these items at Morrisons in Old Cotton and Taverham Garden Centre. During Covid19 we have amassed rather a lot and wondered if there was a chance that we could drop them off somewhere as neither of these places seem to be taking them at the present time.

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