September blog from the Sanctuary

This month at Hallswood construction has started on our hedgehog hospital!
We look after many hedgehogs over the winter, most of which just need warmth and food over the winter months and are released back into the wild come spring.
It will be amazing to have a building, especially for the hedgehogs. We have already had many come to us in the last few of weeks that only weigh about 200g, and they need to be at least 600g to go into hibernation and survive the winter.
We have also had lots of new volunteers starting their work experience for college, so our sanctuary team is starting to get bigger.
This month has also been the anniversary of Keith’s passing; 8 years ago one of the most amazing people I have ever know went over the rainbow bridge and I hope that he would be proud of how far the sanctuary has come and we are still here keeping his legacy alive, giving every animal we can the love, care and attention they need.

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