The art in donating stuff to a charity shop :)

I read a column written by a rather posh lady helping out in a charity shop. I must admit that the column was quite comical and it was talking about the “horror” of sorting through donations.

Well, personally I would not call it a horror. The opposite actually. Imagine that feeling you had as a kid unwrapping your Christmas pressies? Well, that is the feeling I get most of the time.
Never knowing what will be in the next bag or box. The feeling of excitement when you find something that could be worth quite a lot of money or something you know one of the regular customers is looking for. I love it!

To be fair, I think what the lady was referring to was the not so nice donations where second hand underwear was mixed in with good quality clothes; some of her examples I wont even mention here but we have seen them (and worse) too.

So how do you prepare donations for a charity shop?
Well, the ideal is if anything broken is thrown away before even getting to us. We can’t sell broken toys or chipped bric-a-brac so they will most probably just end up in our bins. When it comes to clothes it is different; broken, stained or ripped. It don’t matter. Just bring them in. To make our lives easier it is great if you can put them in a separate bag and say it is for the rag bag.

Did you know that we make many thousands on rags every year?
So do what I do and keep a plastic bag in a corner of your wardrobe for all those odd socks, old underwear and other rags. We love them (but love them even more when they come in a separate bag marked RAG 😀 )

xx Maria

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