The dark side of kitten season.

I want to start by issue a warning.
This is a very graphic explanation of what we as rescuers see.
It is not for the faint-hearted.

Kitten season.
Sounds cute don’t you think? Little fluffy bundles of fur, full of joy and mischief.

All true, but then there is that other side.

Black kittens always last in line for a home.

“Leftover” kittens from litters born to make the owners a few extra pennies.

Kittens sold to whoever, with no home checks done and then up as “free to good home” a few weeks later due to “change in circumstances” or sudden allergies.

Kittens brought to rescues after being found in a garage or under a shed after the mum has been hit on the road.

Kittens slowly being eaten alive by maggots after flies lay eggs on them.

Young females breeding with their brothers and fathers and ending up with deformed litters.

A few weeks ago we published a story of some kittens dumped at the sanctuary. All five very ill.
Yesterday we hade four brought to us by a kind man after he found them in his garden.
The mother cat dead not far away.
Between the first story and the last, too many others to list them all.

This is happening all over the country and I am angry.
I am angry because they did not ask to be born and they sure as hell did not ask to suffer.
Some are born out of greed. Some because not enough people neuter their cats.
Pretty much all of them are born because of us humans.

I have no idea how people like Lyz and Shona, or all the other rescuers, do it but I am so happy that they do. Seeing how much pain those kittens were in yesterday almost made me cry.
To see how Lyz and Shona did everything in their power to give these kittens a chance made me proud of Hallswood but angry that they have to. It took them three hours to try to ensure that they were maggot free. Now, all we can do is wait and hope.

These four were born because someone didn’t think that they needed to have their male cat neutered. The mum probably died due to complications after the birth. I wish I could say I think it was quick.

To save lives is easy.
Have your cats neutered. Indoor cats too as they sometimes escape.
Alway. No excuses.

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