Urgent help needed: The effects corona virus have on our sanctuary!

It is with a great lot of sadness and worry we have decided to cancel this Saturdays jumble sale. Sadness because we love our events and we have never before had to cancel anything. Worry because the reality of running an animal rescue is that we need the money, Always.

As we watch things unfolding, and with the future so uncertain we are begging you all to help in every single way that you possibly can.
The event on Saturday was expected to bring in £1,500.
Our feed bill is £3,500 every month and we were planning to buy £700 worth of dry food next week after the event, something that we now have to put on hold till we manage to scrape that money together again.

We have noticed a decline, small but still, in takings in all three of our shops. These shops are the lifeline of Hallswood and I don’t even dare to think what would happen if we were forced to shut them. At the same time as the decline in takings is happening, the stream of animals and birds in need is never-ending. It would go against everything we believe in to close our doors and this is something that we would only consider as an absolute last resort.

Now, please take this message serious. This is not a “it would be nice to have some help” post.
This is a we NEED your help post.
This is a message pleading for help to prepare for this very uncertain future and every penny counts.

Here is how you can help:
*Support our shops. We steam our clothes before they go out, surfaces are cleaned. We always recommend that you wash anything that you buy from a shop, charity shop or normal retail. Be sensible. We will have tombola available in all our shops later this week. Have a go. You win every time and so do we!
*If you are vulnerable or in self-isolation but still want to support us – we will have £5 vouchers available and these can be sent to you (2nd class is 61 pence) if needed. They will also be available in all our shops. The vouchers will be valid in all three shops and on our events.
*Cash donations, cheques payable to Hallswood animal sanctuary, bank transfers to Barclays 20-62-68   83210146 or PayPal hasshoponline@gmail.com . Remember that even £1 IS amazing. We have over 4000 followers on facebook; £1 per person would pay ALL the feed for 1 month!
*We are opening up a virtual charity shop in the next few days. All items listed on there can be sent anywhere at cost of postage of course. Follow it and if you like anything buy it. Check out our eBay too and support us there. https://www.ebay.co.uk/usr/hallswo-88

Be sensible. Don’t panic. Wash your hands often and stay positive.
And please help us continue to help them.

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