Volunteers needed

Volunteering for Hallswood is so much more than “just” standing on a till.
We try to shape the volunteering around you as an individual and our belief is that it is not about the hours, it’s about the minutes. We believe that it is as a team we make what we do possible and we would love for you to join that team.

At the moment we need more volunteer happy to sign up for the volunteer days at the sanctuary. Now, I need to tell you that this is NOT hands on work with the animals. Instead it is all about supporting the sanctuary staff so that they can concentrate on what they are really good at; saving animals and birds! We will help by cleaning, painting, scrubbing and moving stuff and the more people we get in the team, the better it is.

We are also looking for more people to help at our premises on 140 Magdalen street. We are in need of people happy to help making tombola prices, sort recycling, prepare jars for our jam makers, take photos of stuff that are going online for sale and much much more.

Last but not least we would like to get in contact with some master composters to help us set up a composting system at the sanctuary. Hard work but it will be worth it when it’s done 😀

Do you want to join the Hallswood Family? PM us here or send us an email on hasshoponline@gmail.com and tell us what you’d like to help with.

It is actually really fun most of the time 😀


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