Wild about Fridays!

Even though the official start of spring is a couple of weeks or so away, you can finally begin to feel the promise of its arrival. Walking in woodland this morning, the hawthorn was in blossom and the fragrance from it, for me, epitomises spring. A woodpecker was drumming out from the distance and birdsong filled the air. My garden is full of tiny colourful birds, challenging each other for prime position at the feeders! Our wildlife is under such stress, let’s see what we can do on a small local level to help out.

March is a time for nest building for all our glorious bird life, so why not consider adding a nest box to your garden for a bird family to appreciate? My son made one of ours at school, some years ago now, but a family of blue tits are about to take up residence for the third year running! Small piles of tiny twigs and dried moss can be left nearby to ease their nest building tasks, I use a hanging basket near the bird feeders to offer the nest material, and it’s such a joy to see the birds selecting their favourite interior decorating item from it. Having said that, they seem quite keen on ripping the coconut matting out of the basket to use as well!

It’s also about time to stop offering peanuts to the garden birds (they can choke the chicks!), but keep feeding seeds and net-free fat balls. Next time you go to fill your feeders, how about bringing them indoors and giving them a spring clean, when feeders get dirty they can transmit disease between birds using them.

Is there anywhere in your garden you could place a bird bath or bowl of water for drinking?
If the container you use is deep, add a few large stones to help any clumsy creatures escape.
Your garden is going to be prime avian real estate, new housing, fast food and bar all within a flutter! We have a small supply of home made nest boxes at our shops, or if you are handy, there are many online guides to building your own.


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