Picture this:
You are a mechanic, it is early in the morning and not quite awake yet you are sipping on that first coffee. Looking at the list of “to do’s” of the day you catch a glimpse of something in the inspection trench.

What the.......
A badger.
A fully grown male badger.

So what would you do?
Well, this mechanic called Lyz.

As you can imagine Lyz knows a thing or two about animals by now and there is not much she hasn’t seen or done before but this was a new one.
A very scared and angry badger trapped 5 ft below without any easy way out.

Long story short – With a lot of patience and creativity this “little” boy was rescued after two hours. A rescue involving a covered dog crate, dog catch poles and time 🙂

Some people will argue that badgers are not needed and that they should not be rescued however I think you know our views. Nature needs balance and we need all kinds of creatures to make that happen.

Disclaimer - The badger in the picture is not the badger in the story 😉

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