Why is a hedgehog worth saving?
Why is what we do as rescuers important?
Is it better to let nature do its thing instead of interfering?

These are all questions we have been asked and it is so easy to get lost in the anger of the question instead of actually providing an answer. For me and most of us on this page, it might be obvious that a hedgehog has the same right to not suffer like the rest of us but too often I hear “it’s just one hedgehog”.
Just one.
But one by one they disappear.
And nature very rarely makes mistakes: Hedgehogs are here because they are needed.

Nature is based on balance and it is a beautiful thing when it works.
Everything fits and has a purpose. One species needs another for its survival and when one piece disappears the balance is broken and often the result is devastating.

So my answers are:
Yes, of course, a hedgehog is worth saving, even if it’s just one because it all adds up because when it comes to the balance of nature it is beautiful but fragile.
Yes, what we and other rescuers do is important because without us: who would do it? In a world where everything seems to be based on a monetary value a tiny hedgehog might not be worth saving but for the sake of our future they are all priceless.
And no, it is not better to let nature do its thing. Not when you can make it better.
For me, if you see suffering you have the duty to try to do something about it. And they are all worth saving.

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