You will need:

21 old bricks

3’x2’ paving slab

  1. Choose a sheltered and secluded spot where the ground is not likely to get too wet.
  2. Clear the area to the size of the slab and make it even.
  3. Lay the bricks out as shown in the first photograph, they do not need to be set with mortar.
  4. Lay the second layer of bricks staggering the joints. One of the bricks will need to be cut into half.
  5. Carefully lower the slab onto the bricks. You may get a more snug fit if you put some sand on top of the bricks but this is not essential.
  6. Add garden materials on and around the bunker. Soil could be placed on the top, or leaves, as long as the entranceway is clear. Old logs could be placed around it, doubling up as a home for insects and a ready snack stop for your hedgehog!
  7. If you only have a 2’x2’ slab, keep the entrance outside the house, but could you cover it with some old tiles or slates?

What a lovely idea for children to be able to construct for themselves, with help where needed. Please send us your photographs to see your constructions!

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