Confessions of a charity shop manager

Working in a charity shop is so much more than just making money for a fantastic cause.
It is working long hours, rooting through donations, lifting heavy oversized boxes and bags. It's about finding donations that make you think "wow!", "amazing!" or sometimes "what the.....".
It is learning a little bit of everything, knowing the difference between limited edition and "limited edition", vintage, antiques or just old, trash and treasure.
It is being a manager but also a friend, therapist and sometimes a saint with almost supernatural patience.
It is having the best job in the world but somedays being so exhausted you don't know what to do. It's about laughing so much you cry.

Welcome to our stories 🙂


PS. Please take these stories for what they are: stories. They are not intended to offend or make people feel we are not appreciative of the support we get. For me, it is these stories that make what we do so much fun with not one day like the other 🙂