A beautiful young cat was surrendered to us after biting both the owner and her child.
We took her to a fosterer who started to work on taming this lovely girl. It turned out that she was really sweet but a strongminded girl and that the constant attention from a young child very likely was the source of the problem. Quickly she went from a growling cat to a relaxed girl loving a bit of fuss, as long as it was on her terms.

After advertising that we had a young cat up for adoption we received a message from an older lady who recently lost her cat. We did a home-check over video and she passed with flying colours! After a successful meeting between the lady and the cat adoption was agreed.

This is how we rehome. We match the animal with the right human. This is why we say we don’t rehome based on colour or looks, but rather personality and suitability. We believe that it is much more important that you get an animal that suits you and your reality. Limiting yourself to “a ginger fluffy kitten” might just mean that you are missing out on that perfect match.

This is the update we received when we asked how things are going.
“Just beautifully! She is so funny – she’s very fussy and playful and pretty much ruling the roost – she strongly disagreed with staying in one room and rumour has it that she has very much taken to an afternoon read in bed with the new owner”

This match has not only transformed the life of this supposed aggressive cat but also this lovely lady.
It turned out that this cat was not aggressive at all, she just didn’t suit a busy household with children – no fault of neither the cat or the previous owner.

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