Over the years we have had our fair share of disasters in the shops.
We have been broken into, vandalized, robbed, and now latest we had our window broken at our shop on Vauxhall Street.
As you can imagine not only is this unnecessary and disruptive but potentially very costly too!

However, after a social media post, donations poured in and we were contacted by not one but two glass businesses, telling us they would give us a quote and get it fixed for us. Within 24 hours both our friends from P Nunn Installations and Glass Act UK had been, measured, and assessed - What a position to be in for us! It turned out that since Glass Act UK manufactures their own glass they could do it at such a low cost the donations our supporters had sent us would cover it no problem! Plus they could get it done very fast, something we were eager to accept if nothing else from a safety point of view.

Less than 4 weeks after the attempted break-in the new window is installed! Thank you so much Glass Act!

A massive thank you to P Nunn Installations for offering to help and of course all the lovely supporters sending us money to cover the cost.