Looking back at 2020 it would be so easy just to concentrate on the bad and the struggles.

Don’t get me wrong, it has been hard! The lockdown meant that not only did we have to close all our shops and cancel our events, but it also meant an increase in animals and birds brought to us! Our best guess is that the combination of less traffic and people spending more time at home gave nature a bit of a breather – there was definitely a baby boom! Never before have we had so many baby birds to care for or so many hedgehogs brought to us!

We estimate that we have lost over £70,000 in sales and £25,000 in cancelled events over the lockdowns – a staggering amount for any business. But imagine losing that and still have most of your costs left! The choice was “simple”: stop taking in animals or continue as normal and Lyz’s instruction was clear. Closing our doors was NOT an option.

I am so extremely proud that we managed to make that happen and it was thanks to you supporters and volunteers that was possible! When we say that we have the best supporters in the world we really mean it!
Donations were made to our PayPal and bank account, cheques were sent in, Penny jars filled.
Pop-up shops, home delivery of jams and not to forget the eBay sales!
Bagged up manure – literally tonnes of it, sold.
And the amazon wish-list. Many thousands of pounds worth of items donated.
And it’s not that you helped us scrape through – you helped us grow!


So here we are. 2021.
Right now there is still a lot of un-certainty and we are not quite there yet, but we are getting there.
And we are certain that with your help we will be ok.
Thank you for making what we do possible <3


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