Ginger George was a feral farm cat a few miles away from the sanctuary.
The farm owner had him trapped, neutered and chipped. It was felt he was too wild to tame.
In March last year, he appeared in a garden in Horsford about 5 miles from his “home”.
He made himself a nest in a Laurel tree. He was fed there by one of our fosterers

Sandra Lumbard who could get nowhere near him. In October it was decided to set a trap to try and get him safe for the winter.

We had success and Sandra began to weave her magic on him. To begin was scared but soon started to become affectionate with Sandra. About the same time, we posted about a ginger girl to be rehomed and we had a couple of responses. She was a cat with a few behavioral issues and two potential adopters came forward. The first one met Ella and agreed to rehome her.
This left us with Lesley who had wanted to rehome Ella. We offered her Ginger George but explained his past history and that he may not settle to an indoor life having lived as a feral all his life. She agreed to take him on a month's trial basis as all cats that come from Hallswood are offered.
She was prepared to give him time and space to get used to indoor life and her. To begin with, he was quite scared and skittish but with lots of patience, Lesley won him round.

I’ve messaged Lesley several times for updates and just after Christmas, she said he’s a very good natured boy who purrs away and now would be on her lap permanently if he could. He has no desire to go outside. It’s still a work in progress but Lesley is happy to give him all the time he needs to feel completely secure in his first indoor home.

If you would like to help us help more cats like Ginger George please make a donation towards our vet bill. It’s quite large at the moment as you can imagine with our shops closed our income has reduced dramatically.

Our vets are Chapelfield Costessey 01603 743725, just say it's to pay towards Hallswoods account.
Thanks very much
Too wild to tame :)
Too wild to tame 🙂

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