It is almost hard to see that the bald ball in the picture is a hedgehog but it is. He is one of around 200 hogs currently being cared for at the main site.
He was brought to us with really bad mites, poor little thing, but is now being treated and doing really well.

The two tiny hogs are babies overwintering with us - too tiny to survive hibernation.

Every day we go through 45 tins of cat food to feed these little monsters. Where we would normally ask you to maybe buy a tin or two, now we feel it would be bad to encourage you guys to go outside unless necessary. So instead we have placed an order for £468 worth of tins from Aldi. At just 39 pence per tin, it is a really good price 🙂

Could you sponsor a tin or 2? If so, PayPal to hasshoponline@gmail.com or go to www.hallswood.co.uk and click the PayPal button there to send a donation (you can use a card there).

Help us feed these little dudes for another month 🙂



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