You will need:-

Some birdseed,

Some crusts or stale bread

Dried fruit (see if you can gather the bits that have fallen out of the bag into the cupboard!)

Lard (about 40p from supermarkets)

Grated cheese - any stale or gone hard cheese is brilliant


String or wool

You will also need to get your wellies on and go out for a walk by some pine trees to gather up some fir cones to form your bird feeder. If you don’t fancy getting soggy, you could use an old yogurt pot, or a teacup. See what you can find in the recycling to use!


Let’s get going! Take your chosen bird feed container and tie some string around it, use the tip of the fir cone or the handle of the teacup. If you are using recycling items, you will need to punch a hole through them to put the string through. Remember to make your piece of string long enough to be able to hang the feeder from a bird table or tree branch.

Put the birdseed into a large bowl. Add the bread, grating it into smaller pieces, or if it isn’t too stale, pull it into small pieces with your fingers. Pop the dried fruit in, sultanas, raisins, whatever you have. Add the cheese and the peanuts and stir it all up. You will need an adult to melt the lard for you as it can get ferociously hot! Mix the melted fat into the dry ingredients and stir well, let it cool for 10 minutes, then after checking the mix isn’t too hot to handle, push the mix into the gaps in the fir cone, try and get it really full of the feed mix. This will make your hands feel super slimy! Alternatively, put the mix into your chosen container. Leave it in a cold place to set and then hang it outside and see how long it takes for the birds to find!

I wonder what type of bird the first one to come and feed will be?

Please let us know!!!

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