Hi there Lucie!

How long have you worked for Hallswood?
-I started as a volunteer at 140 Magdalen street in summer 2019 and started to work part-time end of 2020. 

Could you tell us more about what you work with?
-I set up and now oversee the Hallswood eBay sites. The eBay shops has grown rapidly in a year and we now have some people who list and research. I answer all the messages, relist items and pack all the parcels, I still get to list now and then too!

What is your favourite part about working with Hallswood?
-Knowing I'm making a difference for the animals by helping and meeting some amazing people.

And dare we ask what the worst part is?
-Answering horrible messages on eBay! Some people are so rude!

What would you say to encourage someone to help us by joining our crazy family of volunteers?
-Please join, it really is great, you'd be helping animals and meeting lovely people and making friends too.

What is your favourite British wildlife?
-Hedgehogs, such funny little creatures!

Famous last words: what is your favourite saying?
-Live long and prosper.

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