How long have you worked for Hallswood?
-For as long as the shop on 177 Drayton road has been around… 11 years is it? Wow!

Could you tell us more of what you work with?
-What don’t I do?! 😀 A very basic way of looking at it is that I’m in charge of anything that makes money 😀 Events, volunteers, shops, social media, admin….

What is your favourite part about working with Hallswood?
-That is really difficult to say…. There are so many things! I love the variety of people you meet. You come across people you would never meet in your normal life! I think it helps you grow as a person as you are not only being exposed to different views, thoughts and ways of life but you learn so much from working with all these hoooomans!

And dare we ask what the worst part is?
-Never being enough! I think this is more a personal thing for me but I often feel that I just wish I had more time to do even more!

What would you say to encourage someone to help us by joining our crazy family of volunteers?
-I can’t find any reasons why anyone would NOT want to! You are helping animals, you meet amazing people, you get to learn and grow as a person AND you get to hang out with me! 😀

What is your favourite British wildlife?
-Frogs! I love frogs! 😀

Famous last words: what is your favourite saying?
-Nothing is impossible!


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