I might be a bit bias but I really believe that Hallswood has got the best volunteer group in the world. Diverse in every sense, we manage not only to work together and get through the most difficult of times, but we find a way to help no matter who we are. We always say that we try to match the role with the person in front of us, rather than force someone to fit into a carefully written volunteer role.
Why not look at your strengths and go from there? 🙂

A perfect example of this is Nicky. Where do I even start describing this lady? You know the saying if life gives you lemons, make lemonade? Well Nicky don't just make lemonade for herself - she opens a store, sells the lemonade and gives the money to charity. 😀 Metaphorically that is, in reality, she makes anything out of anything. Master crafter for sure!

I can't remember when Nicky first told me that she was always in pain. And she didn't do it in a "feel sorry for me" way, no, she said it as part of an excuse. She said sorry for sitting behind the counter that day rather than standing but "my pain level is rather high today". I remember asking her "would you prefer to go home lovely?" and she just fired off one of her amazing smiles and said something I never will forget: "I can be at home in pain or here in pain, here at least I do something good for at the same time".
A few years later she was finally diagnosed. Parkinson.
Not that it stopped her, instead it was almost like it made her even more determined to not let life slow her down.

It would be impossible to tell how many thousands this lady has raised for Hallswood, be that through things she made herself or things she sold in the shops, but it is alot.

Nicky, you are and will always be one of the most inspirational women I have met. You showed me that no matter what life throws at you, you can chose to face it with a smile!


Here are a few words from Nicky herself 🙂
First things first: how did you find Hallswood?
I used to go past the shop ( Drayton Road ) when I saw a notice looking for volunteers to work in the shop. That was how I started on my journey to Hallswood Animal Sanctuary.

How long have you been volunteering now and what do you help with?
I was at the shop from the very beginning, must be nearly 9 or 10 years. I work in 2 of our 3 shops, I sort and price craft stuff ( thats my thing ) Stuffing and stitching MICE

What is your favourite part of helping hallswood?
My favorite part of the job is all of it no 2 days are ever the same, and we have a really good relationship with our customers ❤

And dare I ask what the worst part is? 😃
I don't think there is a bad thing to say about '"The Hallswood Animal Sanctuary family"

What would you say to encourage someone to help us by joining our crazy family of volunteers?
Come and join our crazy mad caring family!

Famous last words: what is your favorite saying?
I have just got a couple of bags in the car.....

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