It’s not often that Lyz get the time to sit down and write something but she wanted to give you guys a little peek into the life at the sanctuary 😊
This is what she wrote:

“Weekend at the sanctuary! Of course, it doesn’t matter what the day is, it’s pretty much the same here every day. Feeds: some animals come and tell us it’s time for breakfast and others just raise the alarm!! If it wasn’t for our fab staff and volunteers we wouldn’t get everything done for sure.
My day starts with checking the animals and birds first thing. With the birds on lockdown it takes longer but still must be done! Next is feeding the cats who would probably eat me if I didn’t!! Once all checked here, time to load up and go to the other sites!

We have 3 animal sites; the main site is woodland with no grazing so our horses, ponies, donkeys, alpacas, sheep and goats etc live off site. Over there I team up with our staff and helpers to get them sorted 🙂 Saturday was a bit different to normal as I came back to find a tree had come down with the weight of the snow and had broken a fence and smashed up building materials :(( Thankful two fab volunteers John and Fran came with a chainsaw and sorted that out.
Then Val came down with 1,200 tins of cat meat which had to be un loaded in to crates!!
[This was the first order we were able to do thanks to the amazing generosity after our hedgehog food appeal but more on that in another post! /Maria]
All this before 1.30pm!

The volunteers debagged a crazy amount fruit bread and veg for the animals. There is of course a constant trickle of admissions of sick or injured wildlife even this time of year.
Jenna, Rachael and the rest of the team sort these in between bedding up and lots of cleaning out. Once everyone is feed and happy the team look to trying to tidy up and put away equipment and sort any donations. I tend to spend 3-4 hours a day sorting indoors.

We are often asked “where do the animals go at night”? Well simply lots of the older domestic animals have come to the sanctuary from a loving home no fault of theirs (someone has died or family breakdown for example), these older ones or ones with behavioural issues are harder to find an individual home, so they live indoors with me!
I have to say thankfully they are pretty clean, but with 4 paws each and a whole 8 acres of woodland to play in muddy paws are hell!! Definitely gives me some washing....! Once that’s sorted it’s out to collect some donated food and to feed and check the horses etc:))
So that’s Saturday done ...sleep and hopefully no call outs tonight:0


Sunday so far it’s started the same as Saturday: check animals and birds, feed them, feed cats, let the dogs have a mad half hour and burn off some beans!! Then load up feeds and haylage and off to the other sites! The two Sarah’s are in today to clean out some of our 200 plus hedgehogs :0 We have a couple of surrendered pets coming in today which is sad 🙁
a lady has died leaving her aged cat without a home 🙁 we also have some birds coming in who would be “dispatched if they are not gone today”... all go here!
We have just had our first hedgehog in at 830 am!!

Have a nice day:)) Thank you for all your help we can’t do this without your support xxx

Remember that you help us make all this possible. Don’t call us heroes: take some credit and pat yourself on the back!
No matter if you save your pennies in a jar, buy things from our Amazon wishlist or send us money: you are part of the Hallswood team. Thank you!

How to help – Hallswood Animal Sanctuary

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