How long have you worked with Hallswood?
-I have worked as shop manager since August 2020, but volunteered for 6 years before that.

Could you tell us more of what you work with?
-I manage our shop on 177 Drayton road in Mile Cross.

What is your favourite part of working for Hallswood?
-Being part of a brilliant community with loads of brilliant dedicated people. 

And dare I ask what the worst part is?
-The worst part is dealing with some of the horrible donations that we get. Most are amazing but sometimes people seem to think we are a rubbish tip! Broken items, wet clothing, out of date chocolates.....

What would you say to encourage someone to help us by joining our crazy family of volunteers?
-I would say it's a great opportunity to make friends: do something good and Have a great laugh with lovely people.

What is your favourite British wildlife?
-Favourite wildlife are magpies, crows and jackdaws!

Famous last words: what is your favourite saying?
-Favourite saying is probably not ok for publishing.....

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