Transport rules

  • Please keep the transport group on WhatsApp ONLY for transport requests and details. Only answer if you can collect.
    With so many members in the group, it quickly escalates. “Just one message” with a funny picture might not seem like a big deal but imagine 65 people doing that. End result is that transports might be missed and animals end up suffering. Join the facebook volunteer page for a more informal chat environment 🙂 
  • Try to keep the messaging as simple as possible and if there are questions private message when possible.
    Ask yourself: Is this important for EVERYONE in the group to see? If not; send a PM.
  • Please call the finder to arrange collection if requested and ensure that you call ahead if the drop-off is at Shonas.
    Shona lives on her own and is a volunteer. It can be quite unsettling for her when people turn up unannounced. Also, keep noise to a minimum.
  • Please remember you are representing Hallswood.
    When you collect an animal or communicate with a finder – you are representing us. Be polite, remember that we are not about trash talking other organizations, and as much as some people can be frustrating keep calm. This does not mean that you should put up with abusive behavior.
  • Sanctuary hours are 10am-5pm Monday to Saturday and 10-2pm Sundays. Ring the bell on the gate and wait (due to infection control). When parking at the sanctuary, please ensure you park as near to the sanctuary gate as possible to enable staff and others to park on the driveway.
    When in doubt please ensure that someone will be able to accept the animal at the sanctuary. Melissa, Gemma, or Maria should be able to tell you who is there and what times.
  • Outside sanctuary hours, please take animals to Shona. Ensure you call her prior to dropping off and give her time to answer/leave the phone to ring… (she could be busy feeding the kittens) 01603 464544 DO NOT give out Shona`s address.
  • Sanctuary cats: only stroke cats WITH a collar. Cats without a collar are feral or could bite.
  • Any kind of domesticated animals or larger wildlife (deer’s, swans etc.) related things MUST go through Lyz prior to any action. 07549991920
    If you are contacted directly by someone about a smaller animal in need of help please run it past Melissa, Gemma, or Maria first.
  • AVIAN FLU: at present NO birds should be collected or delivered without prior contact with Lyz.
  • Equipment: there will be shoe boxes at 177 Drayton road shop 01603 927465 containing gloves, sanitising spray, heat pads and towels for collections. Please call ahead if you need to collect some to ensure that there are some available.
  • Although this is voluntary, we do ask volunteers to be active at least once a month to cover the requirements.

Thank you very much for your kind support. We cannot do this without you. Remember to keep yourselves safe by using Masks and hand sanitizers etc.

Any questions or help needed please text or Watts-App Gemma or Melissa.