How long have you worked with Hallwood?
-I have been around since 2012 since my first bra wire purchase. I needed them for a craft project and Maria was the only one supporting my insanity! 😀 Found Maria to be the most helpful charity shop person ever! Been trusted with selling antiques for Hallwood over the years and reeled into where I am today, a helpful useful member of the Hallwood family.

Could you tell us more about what you work with?
-I manage our shop on Magdalen street.

What is your favorite part of working for Hallswood?
-Best bit finding fabric I can use that may have ended up in the rag. I love to do the window dressing and promote customers to pop in.

And dare I ask what the worst part is?
-Worst bit- finding a used condom in a shoe! Yes, that actually happened!

What would you say to encourage someone to help us by joining our crazy family of volunteers?
-Just come and have a go will fit you in, everyone has a talent, let's find yours!

What is your favourite British wildlife?

Famous last words: what is your favourite saying?
-Oh! For example, when we have a lot of rubbish and the bin men are a bit reluctant- look pathetic and say "ahh but it's for da animals"

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